During the fall, farmers harvest their crops. They bring the food they have grown from their fields to the market. Corn, wheat, cucumbers, apples, and squash are among the many things that are harvested at this time of year. Apples and pumpkins, in particular, are associated with the harvest season.

Here are some ways to use "harvest" as a verb:

  • The farmers are busy harvesting corn at this time of year.
  • It takes a lot of people to harvest apples. They must be picked by hand. (The verb "pick" is a common substitute for "harvest.")
  • John plans to harvest most of his wheat this week.
  • I’m going to have to harvest all of my apples this week because the birds are getting at them.

Here are some ways to use "harvest" as a noun:

  • The farmers in this area had a good harvest this year. They made a lot of money.
  • This year’s harvest made up for last year’s poor harvest.
  • I had a bad apple harvest last year.
  • The harvesting of corn is going well this year because the fields have been dry. ("Harvesting" is a gerund.)

harvest He had a good harvest.

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September 26, 2014