When a person jumps, both feet are lifted up into the air, and for a very brief period of time, the entire body is airborne. Eventually, a person who jumps lands on something.

  • Kids like to run and jump.
  • Kangaroos are good at jumping.
  • Athletes who play football, baseball, or basketball naturally know how to jump.

jump He jumped and landed in a soft pile of sand.

There are a few other meanings for this word when it’s used as a verb:

  • When I saw the sale price for the car, I jumped on it. (jump = act quickly)
  • She jumped to a conclusion too quickly when she saw her boyfriend with another girl. (She created an idea in her mind that was false.)
  • Dan jumped into the stock market at just the right time and made a lot of money. (jump in = get started; do something new.)
  • A man got jumped in an alley and all of his money was stolen. (get jumped = get robbed)

You can also use "jump" as a noun:

  • My car needs a jump. (The battery needs a charge from another car battery.)
  • We need to get a jump on the competition. (To get a jump on something is to find some kind of an advantage.)
  • There was a jump in interest rates last week. (a jump = a sudden increase)

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September 8, 2014