When you are driving or walking, you can use the word "turn" if you go left or right, but you can also use "turn" to show that something is changing. In addition, "turn" is combined with many different prepositions when creating idioms or verb phrases.

  • The leaves on the trees are starting to turn.
  • The grass is turning brown because it’s so dry outside.
  • These apples are starting to turn. (They’re starting to go bad.)
  • He turned out to be kind of a bad person. (turn out = result)
  • How did your cookies turn out?
  • She wants to turn over a new leaf. (This is an expression meaning that she wants to change her life completely and make it better.)
  • A caterpillar turns into a butterfly. (turn into = become)
  • The company turned in a great performance last quarter. (turn in = show the results)
  • The wheels are turning. (turn = spin)

wheels wheels

The word "turn" is also used as a noun:

  • A turn of events increased their chances for success.
  • The children took turns on the slide. (take turns = share something)
  • Whose turn is it? Is it my turn?
  • Make a left turn at the light.
  • Make a right turn at the stop.

right turn Make a right turn.

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September 2, 2014