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To teach is to show someone how to do something, or information is passed from one person to another. This word is similar to the words "train" and "instruct."

simple past past participle
  • Steve teaches English. (present tense)
  • He's teaching today. (present continuous tense)
  • He taught in Boston before moving to Bogota. (past tense)
  • He has taught English at many different schools. (present perfect tense)
  • He has been teaching English since 1995. (present perfect continuous)

This next set of sentences is in the passive voice:

  • Dogs are taught to behave. (present tense)
  • My dog was taught how to sit and stay. (past tense)
  • She has been taught how to do many different things. (present perfect tense) I'm the one who trained her.

A person who teaches is called a teacher.

teacherHe's a teacher.

  • The teacher for this class is Mr. Jensen.
  • He's been a teacher for just five years.
  • There are over 100 teachers at this school.


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