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A weasel is a small mammal with a long, thin body. It steals and eats the eggs and babies of other animals, so it has a reputation for being a thief. Sometimes the word "weasel" is used when describing people:

  • That guy is a lying, cheating weasel.
  • The weasel who sold us our car lied about the engine.
  • Sarah quit her job because her boss was a weasel who cheated customers.
  • Not all lawyers are weasels. Many of them are respectable.

You can also use "weasel" as a verb. In this case, it means to avoid a penalty or an obligation.

  • Vanessa tried to weasel out of getting a parking ticket.
  • Nick always weasels out of doing his homework.
  • You can't weasel out of this.

weasel weasel


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February 21, 2014







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