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The word "tie" can have several different meanings:

  • Men often wear ties to the office or for formal occassions. Do you know how to tie a necktie?
  • He's wearing a bow tie.
bow tie
  • Railroad ties are the wooden planks upon which the steel rails are laid.
railroad ties
  • Family ties are relationships and connections within a family.
family ties
  • A person can get tied to a desk job.
tied to a desk
  • Traffic can get all tied up.
  • A person may be tied up with rope or duct tape.
tied up
  • A game can result in a tie if there isn't a clear winner.
  • Their game ended in a ties. The score was 2 to 2.
tie game
  • A person can get tongue tied if words are not easily formed in the mouth.
tongue tied


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January 20, 2014







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