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When two words have the same vowel sound, we say that they rhyme: me / tea;  say / trayfriend / bend. These words rhyme. Some teachers (I am included) use rhyming words to teach pronunciation and spelling. Hearing the words and looking at the spelling of those words at the same time will help your reading, spelling, and speaking skills.

Here's the word "rhyme" as a verb:

  • The words "phone" and "cone" rhyme.
  • What rhymes with the word "sponge"?
  • The words "scan" and "skin" don't rhyme.

Here's the word "rhyme" as a noun:

  • The teacher has a book full of rhymes.
  • "Fountain" and "mountain" form a perfect rhyme.
  • Are rhymes commonly used in the language that you speak?

Here's an exercise for new students. All of these words rhyme with the word "dare."


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