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The word "mushy" is an adjective that usually describes food that is soft, or too soft, which is not a good thing. "Mushy" is similar to the word "soggy."

  • If you boil noodles for too long, they'll be mushy.
  • The dinner we ordered at the hotel was terrible. The steak was tough, the potatoes were cold, and the asparagus was mushy.
  • This fruit is old and mushy. I need to get some fresh fruit.
  • If you use too much water when cooking rice, it turns out kind of mushy. Most people prefer rice that's firm and not too mushy.
  • Some people like mushy food.

riceThe rice is mushy.

To make a noun, add "ness" to the end of "mushy" and change the "y" to an "i." I don't recommend that you use "mushiness" because it's a fairly uncommon word, but this shows how you can go from one part of speech (an adjective that ends in "y") to another (a noun).

  • The mushiness of the soggy toast made me want to gag, so I thew it away.


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Published on June 12, 2014.







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