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To negotiate is to go through the process of forming an agreement or making a deal. This word is often used in business and government.

  • Most car dealers are willing to negotiate on the price of a vehicle. (They'll talk about the price.)
  • Do you normally pay the price shown on a price tag, or do you negotiate?
  • The seller of the house says she won't negotiate.
  • The two sides in the civil war refused to negotiate.
  • The government negotiated for the release of hostages.

The word "negotiation" is a noun:

  • Workers and management went through a series of negotiations before settling on a contract.
  • Negotiations over the release of the hostages lasted for several days.
  • Brian says he's not very good at negotiating. (The word "negotiating" is a gerund.)
  • Skilled negotiators created the terms for the agreement. (A negotiator is a person who negotiates.)

negotiators The negotiators worked all night before coming to an agreement.


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March 15, 2014







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