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To reject something or someone is to say "no." It's the opposite of the word "accept."

  • The college rejected Lena's application. (They said "no.")
  • Vanessa rejected Ed's marriage proposal. (She said "no.")
  • Why did she reject him?
  • Richard rejects the idea of giving up on this project. (He'll continue to work on it.)
  • The cash machine rejected my card.

The word "rejection" is a noun:

  • Ed doesn't handle rejection very well.
  • If you work in sales, you learn to face rejection every day.
  • Rejection is something we must all learn to deal with.

The words "rejected" and "rejection" are adjectives.

  • Ed feels rejected.
  • The trash can was stuffed full of rejected proposals.
  • Li received a rejection letter from the company where she applied for a job.


Will she accept or reject his marriage proposal?


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March 28, 2014







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