When large, uncontrollable groups of people steal from stores and businesses, the word "loot" is used to describe the activity.

  • Rioters looted.
  • The looted local stores and businesses.
  • They stores were looted. (This sentence is in the passive voice.)
  • There was widespread looting last night. (The word "looting" is a gerund in this sentence.)
  • Several looters were arrested. (A "looter" is a person who loots.)
  • Homeowners who feared looting stayed inside their homes with their guns drawn.

looter Once the man started looting his friends joined in.

The word "loot" can also be used as a noun to describe money.

  • The company made a lot of loot last year.
  • A million dollars is a lot of loot.
  • Thieves made off with the loot. (make off = steal)

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April 28, 2015