Use the word "sure" when talking about truth, certainty, or knowledge:

  • Are you sure? (Do you know that is true?)
  • I’m not sure if this will work. (I don’t know.)
  • We’re sure about this. (We are confident in our knowledge.)
  • He’s not sure if he can go with us. (He might have other plans.)
  • You can be sure about this. Trust me. (I’m telling you the truth.)
  • I’m sure I can answer your question. (I have a lot of knowledge about this subject.)

You can also use the word "sure" as a type of intensifier similar to a word like "really."

  • That sure is fun. (That’s really fun.)
  • He sure is smart. (He’s really smart.)
  • We sure do appreciate your help! (We really appreciate it!)
  • Oh, for sure! (Definitely!)

The word "surely" is used as an adverb

  • Surely, you must be joking. (But you probably aren’t.)
  • She surely knows a lot about Mayan culture. (Her knowledge is impressive.)
  • Those curtains surely do make a difference in this room. (The curtains look very nice.)

sure woman

She’s very sure of herself.

(She’s confident in her abilities.)

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April 27, 2015