The word "terrible" is an adjective that you can use to describe something that is very, very bad.

  • The weather lately has been terrible.
  • This bread tastes terrible.
  • That dress on you looks terrible.
  • This place has terrible service.
  • The young man felt terrible about something he said to one of his friends.
  • A terrible accident resulted in a huge loss of life.
  • Ebola is a terrible disease.
  • The consequences of their decision have been terrible.
  • I had a terrible cold last weekend.
  • We all felt terrible when we found out that one of our coworkers died.

terrible coffee This coffee tastes terrible!

As an adverb, the word "terribly" becomes an intensifier that can substitute for the word "very."

  • I feel terribly hungry. (I feel very hungry.)
  • We’re terribly sad that our teacher is leaving for another school. (We’re very sad.)
  • It feels terribly wrong to be doing this. (A person feels very guilty)
  • This is terribly depressing! (This is very depressing.)

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April 21, 2015