Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

  anxiety   beige   chip   comfortable   dark   fall   grill   involve   justice   legal  pocket   real   run   salary   trend  


1. Most men own at least one __________ suit for formal occasions.

2. The citizens of the town demanded __________ for the crime that was committed.

3. Is it __________ to carry a concealed weapon where you live?

4. Tattoo removal is now a growing __________ in the United States.

5. A promotion at work usually comes with new responsibilities and a higher _________.

6. I’ve got twenty dollars burning a hole in my __________.

7. Zelda felt a tremendous amount of __________ before and during her flight.

8. Don was forced to close his business because the products he sold were not __________.

9. Every __________ the leaves turn from green to gold, orange, and red.

10. Starting a new business will __________ a lot of paperwork.

11. Are you sure you are __________ with the idea of moving to a new location?

12. Our __________ needs to be cleaned after last night’s barbecue.

13. Are those flowers __________ or are they artificial?

14. __________ is a color commonly used for carpeting in American homes.

15. Can you _________ to the store to pick up some milk?

Answers are available at the bottom of this page.