A trend is a pattern of behavior. If something is popular, it might be part of a trend. There are trends in fashion, culture, language, food, sports, entertainment, and so on.

  • The use of Twitter for communicating ideas is a trend that started a few years ago.
  • Finding transportation through Uber is part of a growing trend.
  • People who work in advertising pay attention to social trends.
  • There’s a strong trend towards making cities more walkable and bikable in the United States.
  • Trends are often started first in New York or Los Angeles before they show up in other parts of the country.
  • Paris is a city that sets worldwide fashion trends.
  • A person who sets a trend is called a trendsetter.


He goes for all the latest fashion trends.

The word "trendy" is an adjective:

  • That’s a very trendy outfit she’s wearing
  • Many teenagers like to wear clothes that are trendy.
  • There’s a trendy new restaurant downtown that we should visit.
  • Facial hair on young men is still trendy.
  • That’s a little too trendy for my tastes. (If something is "too trendy," it’s too popular.)

The word "trend" might be used as a verb, usually in the present continuous tense:

  • What are the hot topics trending on Twitter at the moment?
  • What’s trending on Yahoo? How about Google?

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August 23, 2015