Optimism is a feeling that a situation will improve. You think that things will get better. There’s faith in the people around you or in your own abilities to change things. The opposite of optimism is pessimism.

  • A healthy amount of optimism is good for your spirit.
  • The players on the team are full of optimism, despite the winning record of their opponents.
  • Sandra is brimming with optimism today. (She has great confidence in herself.)
  • If it were not for the optimism of their leaders, the soldiers would not have made it out alive. (make it out alive = live; succeed despite difficulty)

The adjective form of this word is "optimistic."

  • I’m optimistic that things will get better.
  • Are you feeling optimistic today?
  • Patrice is optimistic about her chances of paying off her credit card by next year.
  • Our company is optimistic that sales will eventually improve and pull us out of our current slump. (slump = downturn)
  • Jerry views his situation more optimistically than others. (The word "optimistically" is an adverb.)

A person who is optimistic is called an "optimist."

  • You have to be an optimist if you’re going to start a business.
  • It’s a good thing that Christine is an optimist because her situation right now isn’t very good.
  • Optimists are more fun to be around than pessimists.
  • An optimist has a sunny disposition. (disposition = attitude or personality)

sunsunny = happy or optimistic

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December 17, 2015