A cage is a place to keep an animal contained. Animals at the zoo are kept in cages; domestic animals such as mice, birds, and snakes are also kept in cages. A cage provides safety for both animals and human beings.

  • Mice are kept in a cage.
  • Tina keeps her hamster in a cage.
  • Animals at a pet shop are kept in cages and aquariums.
  • A dog might be kept in a cage when it’s a puppy.
  • Most chickens raised for meat in the United Sates live in a cage until they are processed.
  • Cage-free chickens are allowed to live outside of a cage.

Sometimes the word "cage" is used to describe a person’s condition.

  • Bob’s apartment is so small, he feels like he’s living in a cage.
  • Men in some older prisons live like caged animals.


She keeps her bird in a birdcage.

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