Use the verb "dig" when removing soil or creating a hole in something.

simplepastpast participle

There are many different reasons for digging:

  • Construction workers dig foundations for large buildings.
  • Children dig in the sand because it’s fun.
  • A hole is dug to bury someone who has died.
  • Miners dig for gold.
  • Gardeners dig in the soil to plant seeds.
  • A shovel is used for digging.

shovel This is a shovel.

  • A backhoe is used for digging very large holes.
  • Hand tools, such as forks and spades, are used for digging small holes.
garden tools
  • Snow shovels are used for digging through snow.
snow shovels
  • Animals use their paws when they need to dig a hole.
fury animal

The word "dig" is also a form of slang used to describe some level of satisfaction or understanding:

  • I’m really digging this club. (I like this club.)
  • I don’t dig it. (I don’t like this.)
  • Do you dig what I’m saying? (Do you agree?)
  • Valerie won’t go out with John. She doesn’t dig him. (She doesn’t like him.)
  • Do you dig? (Do you understand?)

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February 25, 2015