Use the word "anonymous" when a person chooses to donate, comment, work, or contribute without being identified. A person who is anonymous wishes to remain nameless.

  • An anonymous donor gave a $100,000 contribution. No one knows who the donor was.
  • People who call in to the radio show are not permitted to be anonymous. They must give their first name and the name of the place from which they are calling.
  • The police received an anonymous threat from someone who said he was going to blow up a building downtown.
  • The woman would like to remain anonymous.
  • Many people who live in big cities prefer to be anonymous when walking through the streets.

The word "anonymously" is an adverb.

  • The phone call was made anonymously.
  • The donation was made anonymously.

The word "anonymity" is a noun:

  • The man lost his anonymity when a story about him appeared on national news.
  • Despite her success in the area of entertainment, she’s trying to preserve her anonymity.

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January 1, 2015