January 17, 2015 – Word of the Day



A peel is the skin of a vegetable or fruit. We also use this word as a verb when the peel is removed:

  • Bobby peeled the banana before he ate it.
  • I need to peel these apples for a pie.
  • You have to peel an orange before you eat it.
  • Bernice is in the kitchen peeling potatoes.
  • Use a potato peeler to remove the skin of a potato.
potato and peeler
  • It’s not necessary to peel an apple; however, if you cook with an apple, the skin is usually taken off.
  • I use this small curved knife when peeling apples.
  • To peel an orange, most people use their hands.

The word "peel" can be used as a verb when damage is caused to a person’s skin or to a painted surface.

  • Vera got a bad sunburn a few days ago and now her skin is peeling.
  • The paint on that old house is peeling.
  • The paint on my car is peeling. I might have to get it repainted.

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