January 20, 2015 – Word of the Day



The word "thin" is the opposite of "fat." When describing a person, it’s similar to the word "skinny."

  • Sheila is very thin.
  • She has a thin waist.
  • Her mother thinks she’s too thin and that she needs to put on more weight.
  • It’s not healthy to be too thin.

a thin dudeHe’s a very thin man.

This adjective is used for many objects and situations:

  • The ice on the lake is too thin. If you walk out onto the ice, you might fall through.
  • This soup is too thin. It needs flour or cornstarch to thicken it. (thicken = to make something thick)
  • As you climb a mountain, the air begins to feel thin, as though you aren’t getting enough oxygen.
  • Her essay is a little thin. She needs more evidence to support her thesis.
  • The farmer needs to thin out his herd of cattle, so he’s going to sell some of his cows. (To thin out is to reduce the size of a group.)

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