January 21, 2015 – Word of the Day



An upgrade is an improvement. This word has gained popularity in recent years when a business or an individual wants to improve something that exists. The word "upgrade" also refers to a better offer for a customer:

  • The hotel offered us an upgrade on our hotel room.
  • The airline offered us an upgrade on a flight to New York.
  • An upgrade is available if we want to rent a car that’s a little nicer.
  • A free upgrade is available for this computer program.
  • Check to see what kinds of upgrades there are.

This word is often used as a verb:

  • Todd really needs to upgrade his wardrobe. (His clothes are old; he needs new clothes.)
  • You should upgrade your computer’s operating system to something that’s newer.
  • The furniture in the office needs to be upgraded.
  • Would you like to upgrade your reservation?
  • We upgraded to first class. (This happens on a flight.)

upgradeMany people have noticed that Ron is upgrading his wardrobe.

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