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Quiz 38 July 2015

Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

 age   bang   crack   dedicate   eventually   fine   gut  like   mixture   odd   pie   race   sacrifice     trace   ugly   victory

1. It took us awhile, but __________ we arrived at our destination.

2. Tom had a bad feeling in his _________ about climbing the mountain, so he didn’t do it.

3. What would you be willing to ___________ for the health and safety of your children?

4. Don’t __________ on the window. You might break it.

5. Nahid should __________ down if she isn’t feeling well.

6. After the work was finished, it felt good to _________ open a cold can of pop.

7. You’d better read the __________ print before signing the contract.

8. At what __________ does the average person in your country get married?

9. Fans of the football team celebrated the _________ long past midnight.

10. Concrete is formed from a __________ of cement, water, and gravel which hardens over a short period of time.

11. The city is going to __________ a monument to a local soldier who died fighting in Iraq.

12. The __________ parking lots downtown are being replaced with a beautiful new park.

13. The Tour de France is a famous bike __________ held every summer in Europe.

14. The students said that the math test they took was as easy as __________.

15. A small __________ of blood found at the crime scene was used to find the murderer.


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Answers: 1. eventually; 2. gut; 3. sacrifice; 4. bang; 5. lie; 6. crack ; 7. fine; 8. age; 9. victory; 10. mixture; 11. dedicate;

12.ugly; 13.race; 14. pie; 15. trace

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