When you hear a loud sound, you can use the word "bang" to describe it.

  • The firecracker went off with a bang.
  • Ten seconds after lighting the fuse there was a bang.
  • Did you hear that bang?
  • Where did that bang come from?
  • There was a loud bang from a gun.
  • A gun goes bang bang.
  • Stop that banging!
  • The event kicked off with a bang. (Sometimes a bang is an activity.)


When this word is used as a verb, it means that someone or something is hitting an object. This produces noise or damage.

  • Maria banged into another car in the parking lot.
  • Someone is banging on the door.
  • The police banged on the door and ordered the people inside to open up.
  • If you bang on a window too hard, you might break it.

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July 2, 2015