Use the word "eventually" when something is likely to happen in the future. It may or may not happen, but there’s a very good chance that it will.

  • Eventually, the team will get better with more practice.
  • Vanessa hopes that her daughter will eventually get married.
  • Simon hopes to find a better job eventually.
  • Not brushing your teeth eventually leads to tooth decay.
  • Eventually, both sides will get tired of fighting and create some kind of lasting agreement.
  • The newspaper is late this morning, but it will be here eventually.
  • Eventually, this problem will be solved.
  • Things will come together eventually. (This is an expression. When things come together, a difficult situation is resolved with time.)


man at calendar Juice from grapes will eventually ferment and become wine.

The word "eventual" is an adjective:

  • A bad habit of shoplifting resulted in Todd’s eventual arrest.
  • The eventual collapse of the company was predicted by the people who worked for it.
  • We believe there exists an eventual solution for this problem.

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July 6, 2015