A pie is a type of pastry that is usually filled with fruit, but it may also contain meat.

  • A cherry pie is filled with cherries.
  • An apple pie is filled with apples.
  • A pot pie is filled with meat, usually chicken.
  • A pizza might be referred to as a "pizza pie."

The filling of a pie is the inside of the pie. The outside of the pie is called the crust. The crust is made from dough. The video below provides instruction for making a cherry pie, but my intention is for you to benefit from the use of the vocabulary words in the video:

When cutting into a pie, each section is called a piece or a slice.

  • Would you like a slice of pie?
  • Would you like a piece of pie?
  • Small pies are often cut into eighths, so there are eight pieces of pie.

There are a few expressions that use the word "pie."

  • If something is as American as apple pie, that makes it very American.
  • If something is "easy as pie," it’s very easy.
  • If something is pie in the sky, it’s something imagined or dreamed about but not real.

A pie chart is useful when looking at data. All sections of a pie chart equal 100%.

pie chart

  • He’s using a pie chart to explain the company’s recent performance.
  • The pie chart provides valuable information.

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July 17, 2015