To dedicate oneself is to pledge loyalty and effort to a cause or to a group. A person makes sacrifices in order for something to be successful.

  • Sharon dedicates a lot of time to her studying.
  • She’s a dedicated student.
  • She is dedicated to becoming a doctor.
  • Andrew dedicated himself to a career in the military.
  • He dedicated his life to his country.
  • He was a dedicated soldier.
  • Many Americans dedicate their lives to service for their country.
  • A parent should be dedicated to his or her children.
  • A teacher should be dedicated to his or her students.
  • A politician should be dedicated to the people who elected him or her to office.

The word "dedication" is a noun:

  • Sharon’s dedication to her studying will pay off in the future.
  • To be a good athlete requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication to self-improvement.
  • The young man’s dedication was impressive.
  • What is your level of dedication to your job?


They’re very dedicated to their jobs.

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First published on July 4, 2015