To devote is to give time, energy, resources, and even one’s life to something that is important. A person who is devoted makes sacrifices for good reasons so that something may continue.

In these sentences, the word "devote" is a verb:

  • Vanessa devotes her spare time to a shelter for homeless people.
  • She’s devoted to helping others. (Notice that it’s okay for a gerund to follow "devoted to.")
  • It’s important for a company to devote adequate resources to train and retain employees.
  • Many Catholic nuns devote their entire lives to helping people who are poor.
  • Police officers have devoted their lives in order to serve the communities in which they live.
  • is devoted to people around the world who want to learn English.


A nun is devoted to God.

The word "devoted" is used as an adjective:

  • Bob is a devoted husband and father.
  • Devoted funding for the school supports scholarships.
  • Liu is a devoted daughter.

The word "devotion" is a noun:

  • The teachers at that school are well known for their devotion to their students.
  • Bob gave all of his love and devotion to his family.
  • Years of devotion to his studies resulted in a Master’s degree.


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June 4, 2015