A group or a person who entertains provides some form of mental relaxation. Entertainment can be amusing, humorous, shocking, scary, sad, interesting, thought-provoking, etcetera. (A note about pronunciation: Some people don’t really emphasize the first "t" sound in this word.)

  • A performer entertains an audience.
  • Musicians entertain concert-goers.
  • A host entertains guests.
  • Television has entertained audiences for the last 60 years.

The word "entertaining" is an adjective.

  • Many people find video games to be entertaining.
  • The movie we saw last night was kind of stupid, but at least it was entertaining.
  • The puppet show was very entertaining.

puppet show puppet show

The word "entertainment" is a noun:

  • What forms of entertainment do you enjoy.
  • Entertainment is a big part of the economy in California.
  • How much do you spend on entertainment every month?

In some cases the word "entertain" means to consider or think about something:

  • Cindy said that she would entertain the idea of moving to Panama in her retirement.
  • The company is entertaining the possibility of expansion.
  • Bill would never entertain the thought of harming another person.


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June 5, 2015