March 16, 2015 Word of the Day



To pant is to breathe heavily after exercising or moving the body. Panting may also be caused by a medical problem.

  • Tony is panting because he just walked up five flights of stairs.
  • Diane pants whenever she goes for a run.
  • The dog is panting because he’s hot.
  • A man came into the hospital sweating and panting. He didn’t know what the problem was.
  • Why are you panting?

panting man

The word "pant" is also used as the singular form for the word "pants," the clothing that a person wears on his or her legs. "Pant" is also used as an adjective for the word "pants."

  • The left pant has a hole in it.
  • There’s a problem with these pants. One pant leg is longer than the other.
  • What’s your pant size?
  • Many business women prefer a pant suit over a dress when they are at work. (A pant suit is a suit for women.)
  • Hilary Clinton is often seen wearing a pant suit.

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