March 19, 2015 Word of the Day



To be safe is to be free from something that can harm you. The opposite of the word "safe" is "dangerous" or "unsafe."

In these examples, the word "safe" is an adjective:

  • Your money is safe in a bank.
  • A shelter keeps people safe.
  • Daniel feels safe when he’s at school.
  • That small boat doesn’t look very safe.
  • Some parts of the world just aren’t safe enough for tourists.
  • Do you feel safe where you live?
  • Mohammed is a safe driver.
  • Be safe.

The word "safely" is an adverb. Remember, an adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb:

  • Mohammed drives safely.
  • Walk safely across the street.
  • If you don’t play sports safely, you might be hurt.

The word "safety" is a noun:

  • We are concerned about his safety.
  • The police work to support public safety.
  • The safety of the neighborhood is now in doubt following the shooting last night.


When the word "safe" is a noun, it describes a place where money is kept:

  • The business keeps the money it makes in a safe until they have a chance to go to a bank.
  • Some people have a safe in their homes.
  • He keeps important documents and stock certificates in a safe.

safeHe’s standing on a safe.

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