The knee is a part of the leg. It’s between your thigh and your shin. It’s the joint that allows you to bend your leg. It has a knee cap which protects the joint.

A knee looks like this: knee

get on one’s knees

  • A person gets on his knees when he goes to the ground.
on his knees
  • A doctor checks your knees when you go in for an examination.
  • Knee pads help protect your knees.
  • She’s wearing knee pads.
knee pads
  • When a man proposes marriage, sometimes he gets down on one knee. (This is a custom.)
  • He got down on his knees to get some water from the river.
  • Some people get down on their knees when they pray to God.
man praying
  • A person who is "weak-kneed" is nervous or weak, or that person lacks courage.
man with weak knees

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May 11, 2015