A lock is a device used for keeping something safe and secure. There are different methods of opening something that is locked.

  • A combination lock requires a series of numbers and the spinning of a dial.

combination lock

  • A padlock requires a key to open it.


  • A computer can be locked with a password.
  • Some locks are opened only after an amount of time has passed.
  • Doors for a business are locked at night. They are unlocked in the morning.
closed dorrs

This word is also used as a verb.

simplepastpast participle
  • Olivia locks her door before she leaves her house.
  • We locked the doors to our car when we left it at the airport.
  • Some people who live in rural areas never lock their doors because they say they have nothing to fear.
  • The young man was locked up in prison for ten years for shooting someone.
  • Jim and Linda locked on a good interest rate for their mortgage. (To lock on a rate is to secure an amount of money to be borrowed at a particular rate of interest.)

The word "locked" is an adjective:

  • The door is locked.
  • You’ll need a key for a locked door.
  • A locked cell phone requires a password of some kind.

Note: The word "locker" is related to "lock." A locker is a small, secure place where personal items may be stored during the day. Lockers are found at schools, gymnasiums, and shopping malls.


She likes to hang out at her locker.

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May 12, 2015