When bread is pushed down into a toaster, it takes just about a minute for the bread to become toast.


  • I’m making toast.
  • Many people like to have toast for breakfast.
  • What do you like on your toast?
  • Do you like butter or jelly on your toast?
  • If bread is kept down in the toaster for too long, the result is burned toast.

The word "toast" can also be used as a verb:

  • Joe toasted some bread and ate it for breakfast.
  • It smells like someone is toasting bread.
  • If you toast the bread for too long, it will burn.

Another, completely different use for this word is when there is a ceremony or a gathering of people and someone wants to say something to honor another person. People raise their glasses and listen to the words spoken in the form of a toast.

  • Roger’s best friend made a toast to him and his bride during the wedding reception.
  • Toasts were made throughout the evening.
  • After the glasses were filled with champaign, a toast was made.
  • I’d like to propose a toast.
  • A toast was made in honor of Bob Smith, a well-respected man who had recently died.

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May 19, 2015