The word "immune" is used when a person is protected from getting sick or protected in some other way. You can become immune to something by being exposed to it.

  • Sheila is immune to chicken pox because she’s already had it.
  • Your immune system protects your body from diseases.
  • An effective flu shot increases your chances of being immune to influenza.
  • Political candidates and the general public eventually become immune to name calling and the distortion of facts during the election season.

The word "immunity" is a noun:

  • Sheila has a natural immunity to chicken pox because she had it as a child.
  • The defendant asked for immunity from prosecution in exchange for information about an organized crime ring. (The word "immunity" is often used in legal settings. In this case it is not a medical term.)

The word "immunization" is a noun. An immunization is an injection containing a weakened from of a disease. Another word for immunization is vaccine.

  • Children receive many different immunizations before the age of ten.
  • An immunization is not something to be feared, but many people don’t like to get an injection.

The word "immunize" is a verb:

  • A medical team visited the village and immunized everyone against the disease.
  • Have you been immunized for tuberculosis?

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November 10, 2015