The word "medicine" is a noun that refers to the tablets, pills, capsules, injections, liquids, drugs, or plants that help a person who is sick or in pain.

  • The doctor prescribed some medicine for Amina’s severe headaches.
  • Edward went to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine for his kids.
  • Be careful! That medicine is very strong.
  • Some medicine needs to be taken with food.
  • Theresa went to college to study medicine.

taking medicine He doesn’t like to take medicine, but he needs it.

A popular abbreviation for "medicine" is "med" or "meds."

  • Ronald is off his meds.
  • The doctor prescribed some meds for his patient.
  • Theresa is going to med school.

The word "medicinal" is an adjective:

  • There are medicinal uses for many herbs.
  • A medicinal application was discovered for a chemical created in a laboratory.
  • Green tea seems to have some medicinal properties.

The word "medicate" is a verb. To medicate is to give medicine or a drug to someone.

  • Doctors medicated the patient prior to surgery.
  • Our dog is being medicated for arthritis.
  • Through the use of drugs and alcohol, some people self-medicate to relieve their physical or mental pain.

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November 15, 2015