The yellow liquid excreted from your body when you go to the bathroom is called "urine." There are other words for it, such as "pee" or "piss," but "urine" is a more polite word and it’s the word that’s usually used in a doctor’s office or a hospital.

  • The doctor asked the patient to produce a urine sample.
  • The color of urine is usually yellow, but the color can vary depending on what a person eats or drinks.
  • A drug test can detect small traces of illegal drugs in urine.
  • Urine can produce a strong odor.
  • A bathroom that isn’t cleaned regularly will smell like urine.

urine sample cup urine sample cup

The word "urinate" is a verb. The word "urination" is a noun:

  • Urination is an important bodily function.You eliminate waste from your body when you urinate.
  • Walter complained to the doctor that he experiences pain when he urinates.
  • Painful urination can indicate a health problem.
  • It’s illegal in most cities in the United States to urinate in public.
  • Most people urinate in a toilet.
  • In a men’s bathroom, urinals are lined up against the wall. The urinal is the place where boys and men urinate.

toilet toilet

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November 24, 2015