November 28, 2015



The womb is the place where a baby develops inside a woman. It’s near the stomach but it’s not really a part of the stomach. The word "uterus" is the medical term for womb.

  • Fallopian tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus, or the womb.


  • An ultrasound image can show what a fetus (developing baby) looks like inside the womb.
  • A woman’s stomach area is extended as the womb expands with a growing baby.

baby in womb

  • A woman can feel the baby moving around within her womb.

We also use the word "womb" when speaking metaphorically about a place that’s warm and familiar, or a place that represents the beginning or the origin of something.

  • Returning to Chicago feels like returning to the womb for Alberto who grew up there as a child.
  • Ideas for Kerry’s new novel are still in the womb.
  • Some universities are well known as wombs for new businesses.

Note: The "b" is silent at the end of the word "womb." This is similar to other words with a silent "b" such as bomb, numb, and thumb.

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