The word "big" means large. It’s the opposite of small. This adjective can be used in many different ways:

  • I made a big mistake. (I really screwed up.)
  • You’ve got a big problem on your hands. (You have a serious problem.)
  • They live in a really big house. (They’re wealthy and the house shows it.)
  • This is going to be big! (This is going to be popular.)
  • This band is big in Europe. (That’s where they are popular.)
  • Let’s go big. (Let’s increase spending.)
  • She’s not real big on country music. (She doesn’t like it.)
  • This isn’t big on our list of things to do. (This isn’t as important as other things.)
  • We’ve got a big day ahead of us. (We’re going to be very busy.)
  • Bobby is a big brother to his two little sisters. (He’s older.)
  • That man’s got a big heart. (He’s very kind.)
  • Teenagers have big appetites. (They eat a lot.)
  • Mary isn’t fat. She’s just big-boned. (She’s probably overweight.)
  • Some Olympic athletes get big heads after winning in competition. (They think too highly of themselves.)
  • Fred is starting to get big from weightlifting. (His muscles are getting bigger.)
  • The bigger they are, the harder they fall. (A person who was once very successful experiences failure more deeply than others.)
  • That was very big of you to accept responsibility. (That was admirable.)
  • The Big Bang theory explains the origins of the universe. (The universe expanded from something very small to something very enormous.)
  • Hey, big guy! What’s up? (This is a common greeting among male friends or acquaintances.)
  • No big deal. (No problem.)
  • Big deal! (I’m not impressed.)

big arm He’s getting big.

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October 2, 2015