To gab is to talk at length, on the phone or in person. This is kind of a slang word, so it’s not used by everyone, but it is common to hear this word used among speakers of American English.

  • Theresa and Zahra can gab on the phone for hours.
  • What are they gabbing about?
  • The supervisor told the employees to stop gabbing and get back to work.
  • Ned gabs on and on about his grandchildren and it get boring fast.
  • We gabbed with the neighbors for a few hours at a party down the street.
  • Henry has the gift of gab. He can talk about any topic at any time. (the gift of gab = the ability to talk easily.)
  • A person with the gift of gab would make a good radio personality or talk show host.

talk show host talk show host

Note: The word "gab" is similar to the word "chat"; however, to chat with someone usually takes less time.

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October 7, 2015