Hair is that stuff that grows from the top of your head and all over your body.

  • If your hair gets too long, you need to get a haircut.
  • Women go to a salon to have their hair styled or dyed.
  • People who work around food might have to wear a hairnet. (A hairnet covers the hair.)
  • A person who has a lot of hair is said to be hairy. (The word "hairy" is an adjective.)
  • A man who grows hair under his nose has a moustache.
  • A man who grows hair on his chin has a beard.
  • The hair that grows above your eye is an eyebrow.
  • A baby doesn’t have much hair.
  • As people get older they tend to lose their hair.
  • Hair turns gray or white on most elderly people.
  • A person who doesn’t have any hair is bald.
  • If you don’t like the color of your hair, you can dye it.

pink hair She dyed her hair pink.

There are a few expressions that use the word "hair."

  • Bob came within a hair of getting that job. (He came close to getting that job.)
  • The people at the party let down their hair when the music started. (They relaxed and, perhaps, started to dance.)
  • Get out of my hair! (Stop bothering me!)
  • He’s just splitting hairs. (He’s finding fault with something that is not important.)

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October 8, 2015