A monster is a scary person or a scary creature. Monsters popularized by movies and comic books aren’t real, but there are human beings for whom this word is used when their behavior is really bad.

Here are some of the most popular monsters:

  • A vampire appears only at night and lives on the blood of the living. If he bites you, you might become a vampire, too.
  • A wolfman is a man who turns into a wolf whenever he sees a full moon.
  • Frankenstein’s monster is a man who was dead and then brought back to life. The name of the scientist who did this was Dr. Frankenstein, so everyone calls this monster Frankenstein.
  • A mummy originates in ancient egypt. Mummies are thousands of years old.

The word "monster" is sometimes used for people whose behavior is really bad:

  • The monster who attacked and killed all those people was sent to prison for life.
  • Rupert used to be a good guy, but then he started hanging around the wrong kind of people and that turned him into a monster.
  • The children who live down the street are little monsters. Their parents have no control over them.

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First published on October 31, 2015