A pattern is an image that is repeated.

pattern This is a pattern.

  • A checkerboard pattern is popular for tablecloths and clothing.

checkerboard pattern

  • Patterns are often found in rugs and tapestries.


  • The pattern above is made up of circles.


  • Stripes are popular patterns. They can go in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. The pattern above has diagonal stripes.


  • Patterns also show up in nature. The ferns in this picture form a pattern that is vertical and symmetrical. (symmetrical = even on both sides)

The word "pattern" is also used for behavior:

  • The police were able to capture the criminal by examining his pattern of behavior.
  • Stores know when they are going to be busy because customer shopping follows a certain pattern.
  • Sentence patterns in English are studied in order to improve writing skills.

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October 15, 2015