A scandal is a situation in which people in positions of responsibility and power are accused of or guilty of misbehavior. Scandals usually involve money, abuse of power, or inappropriate activity of a sexual nature.

  • Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States following a political scandal in which he was involved.
  • Bill Clinton, another U.S. president, tarnished his reputation during a scandal that involved a female intern who worked in his office.
  • David Petraeus, a former U.S. General and Director of the CIA, got caught up in a scandal created by an extramarital affair. He resigned. (He had a relationship with a woman who was not his wife.)
  • Rumors of a scandal involving the chief financial officer of the company floated throughout the office.
  • Sex, sin, and scandal are what sell newspapers. Everyone wants to read about the problems of others.

The word "scandalous" is an adjective:

  • Scandalous behavior at the top of the organization brought about its collapse.
  • Newspapers sell more copies when stories of scandalous behavior are reported.
  • The royal family was embarrassed by scandalous photos that appeared in the newspapers.

The word "scandalize" is a verb:

  • The man was so scandalized by rumors he had stolen money from the company he worked for, he quit his position.

two office workers

Sandra and Kevin were involved in a scandal that resulted in both of them being fired.

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October 28, 2015