A cave is a natural formation of open space underground. It takes thousands and thousands of years for a cave to form as a result of water erosion or other natural forces.


  • Some caves are long and deep.
  • The air inside a cave is usually cool and damp.
  • People like to go into caves and explore them because they’re so interesting.
  • A person who explores and studies caves is called a spelunker.
  • Bats are often found living in caves.
  • In prehistoric times, people lived in caves. You might hear them referred to as cavemen.

caveman  caveman

The word "cave" is a verb. When something caves, it falls through or collapses, or a person gives up on something.

  • The roof of the tunnel was weak, so eventually it caved in. (The roof of the tunnel fell in.)
  • Negotiators for the hostages caved in to the kidnappers demands.
  • The soldiers caved when they realized the strength of the forces they were fighting.

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September 3, 2015