The word "decent" is similar to the words "good" or "nice." Use it to describe behavior, the quality of a thing, and things of value or money.

  • He seems like a decent young man.
  • The old house is still in decent shape.
  • We’re in need of some decent furniture.
  • She comes from a decent family.
  • Stopping to help the woman with a flat tire was the decent thing to do.
  • The people of Iowa have a reputation for being honest, kind, decent, and hardworking.
  • Immigrants move to the U.S. to find a job that pays a decent salary.
  • You can make a decent living working as an electrician.
  • Sophia makes a decent amount of money at her job.
  • Get yourself a decent, used car instead of buying something that’s new.

couch She finally bought herself some decent furniture.

Sometimes this word is used when a person is clothed or unclothed.

  • Can I come in? Are you decent? (Are you wearing clothes?
  • Don’t come in! I’m not decent. (I don’t have clothes on, or I don’t have enough clothes on.)

The word "indecent" is used for bad behavior.

  • A TV reporter was fired after making an indecent comment on the air.
  • This crazy guy who lives in our building was arrested for indecent exposure. (indecent exposure = appearing in public without clothes. This is illegal throughout the United States.)

Don’t confuse the word "decent" with the word "descent." The word "descent" is a noun used for downward direction.

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September 4, 2015