If something is very, very large, it might be huge. This word is similar to the words "enormous" and "gigantic."

  • Sheila made a huge mistake by marrying Renaldo.
  • A huge crowd gathered to hear presidential candidate, Donald Trump.
  • Elephants are huge.
  • Teenagers have huge appetites.
  • Mobile access to the internet has had a huge impact on the way we do just about everything.
  • has a huge following. (A lot of people visit here every day.)
  • Apple’s iPhone has been a huge success.
  • This is going to be huge. (This is a statement you might hear made when someone tries to predict the popularity of something.)

The word "hugely" is an adverb, often used with the adjective "successful."

  • Oprah Winfrey is a hugely successful TV personality.
  • The iPhone is a hugely successful cell phone.

huge pumpkins

These pumpkins are huge.

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September 9, 2015