The wearing of jeans is very popular. The material is almost always 100 percent cotton and the color is almost always blue, although jeans can now come in a variety of colors.


As jeans are washed and as they age, they fade. It’s fashionable to wear faded jeans. It’s also fashionable, among some people, to wear jeans that have holes in them. In fact, some manufacturers of jeans put holes in the jeans as a way of appealing to young people who like to wear jeans with holes or some other form of damage.

  • When Mike gets home from work he always changes into his jeans.
  • Hester has a hole in her jeans, but that’s okay because she likes to wear jeans with holes.
  • Bob can’t wear his favorite pair of jeans anymore because the zipper broke.
  • Jennifer owns several different jean jackets.
  • The company that my neighbor works for doesn’t allow the wearing of jeans in the office–except on Friday, which is a casual day. (casual day = a day when workers don’t have to wear formal clothes.)

Note: This word is always in the plural when it’s used as a noun. When it’s used as an adjective, it usually takes the singular form (jean jacket).

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September 11, 2015