• A car has a lot of metal in it.
  • Coins are made of metal.
  • Most tools are made entirely or partly of metal.
  • Metals such as copper and aluminum are good conductors of electricity.
  • Gold and silver are precious metals.
  • A metal roof is a good choice for houses located in areas prone to fires.
  • Metal detectors are used at airports for scanning passengers before they board planes.
  • When a metal such as steel oxidizes, it turns to rust.

toolsmetal tools

The word "metallic" is an adjective.

  • Metallic paint gives the appearance of metal on any object that’s painted with it.
  • If you put aluminum foil in your mouth, you’ll experience a metallic taste. (Don’t do it!)
  • Furniture with metallic features looks very modern.

One last thing to mention about metal: This is also a type of rock music that is very fast and very loud. It began in the 1970s and it remains popular today.

  • My friend, Roger, listens to metal.
  • He’s a metal head. His hair is really long, he wears a lot of black clothing, and he has tattoos all over his body.
  • Metal bands like Slayer and Metallica are popular among people who listen to heavy metal.

metal Rock on!

Note: The "t" in this word sounds more like a "d."

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September 14, 2015