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The word "calm" is used to describe peacefulness or a lack of anger, especially in the face of a threat or danger. (Try not to pronounce the "l" in "calm.")

In these sentences, "calm" is an adjective:

  • The lake looks calm today. There are no waves.
  • Everyone remained calm during the emergency. There was no yelling or screaming.
  • The teacher addressed the unruly students in a calm manner.

The word "calm" is also used as a verb:

  • You should calm down.
  • The baby was calmed by his mother's voice.
  • Music calms the savage beast.

The word "calmly" is an adverb.

  • The young man answered the questions calmly and without hesitation.
  • The priest spoke calmly during the service.
  • The sound of the ocean has a calming effect on people. (The word "calming" is also used as an adjective.)

You can use "calmness" as a noun:

  • Only time could bring a sense of calmness back to the community following the riots.
  • Our manager is known for his calmness when he's under pressure.

The River Seine

A river has a calming effect on people who live nearby.


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April 3, 2015







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